Friday, August 22, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay where is it now

Well tropical storm Fay is right over us as I write. We are experiencing gusty winds and heavy heavy rain fall. There is already flooding of rivers in the area and the schools are closed for today. I have seen several trees down and large broken limbs laying on houses. Of course the storm has slowed down which will bring in a lot more rain off the gulf.

On the heels of this storm we have two more brewing out in the Atlantic.

The predictions for this season is well above average according to the Colorado State University forecast team. To see the complete story "Click Here"

Of course the hurricane season will be be at full bloom in September. My wife and I are suppose to head to Jamaica for a vacation right in the middle of September, but to our advantage we have hurricane insurance on our trip. So we shall see. Hopefully we wont have to use the insurance.

In the post ahead I will try to share some pictures of the storm damage.

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