Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reclaimed Water, Big Step for a Small Town

Reclaimed Water,

Domestic waste water that has been treated to very high level of purity is nothing new in Florida. using reuse water to irrigate crops and landscape in parks and golf courses and yards in subdivisions are getting to be a regular thing in large city's around the state.

As the state grows there is an ever-increasing demand on our groundwater to support our bad habits. Wells are running dry every day and our aquifers are under heavy demand.
In an article written by Katherine Cottrell she tells the story about a small town, a town I am proud of since I am the President of the City Council the name of the town is Inverness Florida. We the City Council members took the initiative and stepped up to the plate and voted 5 to 0 to go forward with the design and construction of a 1.5 million gallon a day reclaimed water plant and distribution system.
Our community is a small community made up of around 7200 residents, but we are a pro-active form of government thinking ahead and working to make our city a model city for the future.

The first place we are going to use this reclaimed water is on our city golf course. The golf course uses millions of gallons of fresh drinking water from the aquifer every month. This water could be going to peoples homes instead of on the lush grass of a golf course. The city saw how we could start working our green project and saving water a precious resource and use re-claimed water instead of drinking water to keep our golf course green.

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