Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inglis Florida

Inglis Florida is a small rural community that sits off the Gulf of Mexico in the Nature coast of Florida. This area is known for birdwatching, fishing and many other outdoor recreational activities.

One of the beauties of this area of Florida is the Withlacoochee River. This picturesque waterway was given the name "Outstanding Florida Waterway" by the State of Florida. For visitors it is an awesome site to see the large shrimp boats coming to unload their catch for the day.

Fishing, crabbing, shrimping and commercial fishing is one of the main industries in this area of Florida. So seeing stacks of crab traps and nets drying in the sun gives the allure of a old fishing village back in time.

My family and I just love to visit these little out of the way towns in Florida. Some of them like Inglis take your mind back in time to the way things were in yesteryear.