Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Spooky, Creepy Homes In Florida

Where ever you drive in Florida you will find houses abandon or in terrible shape. Many of these homes on the back rural roads of Florida have been their since the plantation days. The weather in Florida plays a significant role in making these homes look old and spooky. Just a couple blocks from where I live in Central Florida is one of these homes. Many of the local kids say it is haunted and have seen ghost walking around the fenced in yard late at night.

Here is a good article with more pictures of old spooky homes around Florida

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Ghostly Side of Ybor City

Tampa's famous historic district called Ybor City is a well known area of Tampa that is very charming and quiet during the day. The area would remind you of a miniature New Orleans. The cobble stone streets and wrought iron balconies take you back to when Tampa was just a small town. This area is great for place for souvenir shopping or sipping some great Cuban coffee while watching cigars being made and rolled by hand.
At night Ybor comes alive with entertainment and street festivals. The bars, lounges, and restaurants come alive with young and old. But what also comes alive are the ghost that haunt this area.

One of the places that is claimed to be haunted is the Don Vicente de Ybor Historic Inn. The Inn was at one time a public clinic. Today visitors claim to see ghost of nurses that use to treat the patients. The Inn was on the Travel Channel show called The Dead Files and the episode was called "Hotel Hell"

Another location that claim to have ghost in Ybor is the famous Cuban Club. This social club was started in the early 1900's for the Cuban immigrants. Today the club is still be used for many social gatherings. The Cuban club was featured on the SyFy Channel Ghost Hunters television show and the episode "Club Dead".