Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crystal River Florida Indian Mounds

Crystal River Indian Mounds located in beautiful Crystal River is a 61 acre pre-Columbian, Native American burial site which is operated today by the Florida State Parks. It is said that this site is one of the best preserved pre-Columbian sites in North America. The six mound complex contains burial mounds, temple platform mound, a plaza area, and a midden. For over 1,600 years (200B.C. until 1400 A.D.) the Deptford Culture occupied this area. It is estimated that over 7,500 Native Americans may have visited the complex every year when it is was occupied.

The most impressive feature of the site is the two great platform mounds. The largest platform mound was built around 1,400 years ago. It is said that probably only the highest chief and priest lived on top of these mounds. Very similar to the Aztec pyramids.

Today the site can be visited and contains a half mile paved loop trail that passes by each mount and signs explaining the mound history. A 55 step observation deck atop the parks largest mound, the Temple Mound provides breath taking views of the area especially the coastal water ways. This also is a great area for anglers because it is a prime location for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

The Crystal River Archaeological State Park is open from 8:00 a.m. until sunset 365 days a year. The admission cost is only $3.00 per vehicle.

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