Friday, June 19, 2009

Florida Keys, Key Largo

Key Largo, the northern most island of the Florida Keys island chain, lies only an hour's drive from South Florida's two major airports. Yet it is a world away. Key Largo is a paradise all by itself. Some of the best snorkeling is right here in Key Largo. With it's own 510 foot artificial reef it's own underwater state park, no wonder Key Largo is called the Worlds Dive Capitol.

Shopping in Key Largo is unbelievable. If you are looking for anything from fruit to home decorations to clothing you will find it here. Some of the best nautical furnishings, island type clothing, antiques, water sports equipment and etc. Here are a couple of links to help you see what kind of shopping Key Largo offers.

Shopping in Key Largo

Key Largo Chamber Shopping List

If you are looking to get married in a tropical setting but dont want to travel oversees you may want to check out one of several tropical setting in Key Largo.
Perhaps best of all, the Florida Keys are home to a host of highly-professional wedding planners, photographers, and venue operators. These people are ready to help you prepare a wedding ceremony and reception that will suit your desires and budget.
And when the ceremony is over, a fabulous honeymoon awaits you in Key Largo’s own back yard.

There are numerous things to do in Key Largo, you could say it is a town that never sleeps.

  • Boating

  • Watersports

  • Underwater Parks

  • Above Water Parks

  • Sailing

  • Nightlife

  • Resturants

  • Golfing

  • Attractions

  • Tours and Excursions

  • Kayacking

  • Birdwatching

  • Watching the awesome sunsets

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