Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fishing Report for the last of January

As I reported a couple weeks ago that we were going to head out to the gulf to do some fishing even though it was cold. We went out in Crystal River and tried several of our hot spots but no luck. The water temperature was down and so the fishing was dead. We even tried several areas in shallow water hoping to get something to bite but again no luck. We were using shrimp for bait and after awhile on no bites I tried several lures in my box but still no hits.
After the tide started to come in we went back in around Shell Island and tried a couple spots that we always have good luck at but still no success. Then after several hours on the water we decided to head in and grab a nice dinner somewhere.
We came around the corner by the coast guard head quarters and I decided why not go and see if we can find a few manatees and see what they are up too. We came through Kings Bay and headed toward Three Sisters Springs where the manatees like to hand out and to our amazement we saw hundreds of them hanging out at the warm water of the springs. The warm water at the springs draws the manatees each year to come and cuddle at the mouth of the springs. Article by ABC News

Fishing was terrible but the day was not a total loss. It was such an amazing site to see these huge adorable sea creatures just gently swimming around in the nice warm water for the winter.

After we the left the manatee zone we went back up the river out of Kings Bay and anchored again and threw a couple lines out where we saw a bunch of pin fish hanging out. We had a couple of hits but they were so light that we could not get anything hooked.

Maybe we will give it another shot this weekend since the temperatures are starting to rise again and the water temperatures are also starting to come back up and hopefully the fish will start getting their appetite back.

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