Friday, October 9, 2009

Florida State Seminoles, Bobby Bowden

Florida State Football, Bobby Bowden

Bobby Bowden the coach of the Florida State Seminoles football team, who is in the cross hairs of the fans and the school after the Seminoles started his 34th season with a 2-3 record so far.

Bowden claims that it is his age is the biggest reason he is being criticized. Bowden states that if he was 50 and not 79 there would be no problem. Bowden, whose 384 career victories are three behind Penn State's Joe Paterno for most wins in major college football history, said he will not decide whether to retire until after this season.

Bowden's contract expires Jan. 4, 2010. Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher has already been named Bowden's successor, and FSU would owe Fisher $5 million if he's not named head coach by January 2011.

Bowden hopes he'll be allowed to decide whether he'll coach the Seminoles in 2010.

"I feel like I will, but you don't know," Bowden said. "I don't know. I guarantee you I ain't going to worry about it one drop."

Source: ESPN

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