Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alternative fuel event coming to USF in St. Petersburg Florida

Do you have an interest in Alternate Fuel Energy like I do. Back eight years ago I was introduced to Hydrogen Fuel Energy in a college class I was taken. I was so fascinated in this energy source and I could not figure out why we could not use hydrogen as an alternative energy source. I know hydrogen is quite explosive, but if used properly it is very safe. Hydrogen is extremely clean, uses roughly 40 to 60% less fossil fuels and is much better for our environment. One form of research for hydrogen energy is called Fuel Cells. Since eight years has passed and much research has gone into studies of hydrogen and with our fossil fuels getting depleted we are now starting to see great interest in alternative fuel sources.

Well July 17th - 19th the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg will be hosting The Alternative Fuel Energy Event for HHO Games & Exposition With such great interest in Alternate energy sources this is the third event this year for the University. The event will be showcasing investors and inventors from around the world who are working on alternative fuel sources.

To read more about this event please click here.

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