Friday, September 12, 2008

Super Bowl advertising nearly sold out - Tampa Bay Business

NBC has sold 85 percent of its advertising inventory for Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, which leaves only about 10 of 67 in-game spots remaining. That leaves a relatively low number left to sell a full five months before the game.

“We see the end zone right now,” said NBC’s head of sports ad sales, Seth Winter.

Winter said that the network already has sold more than a dozen 30-second spots at a record high rate card of $3 million. He expects some of the last spots to sell for more than $3 million as the game gets closer.

“Why would we lower the price for people who have waited?” Winter said.

NBC’s $3 million rate card marks an unprecedented 11 percent increase from the $2.7 million rate card Fox used for this year’s game.

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